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About us

“Olé”is an exclamation or expression of celebration. It´s possibly the shortest word but means so much more. This word is an action. Our team strives to communicate the meaning of celebration in our work.

Since we sold our first hat in 1977, Olé has based its business on giving excellent service. I have learned from the fine job of so many weavers, the infinite patience they have put into their hats throughout their lives.

We began selling art and antiquities, but our clients imposed a new direction towards are present activity.

WE ARE A HAT STORE and that is what we do best.

We are lucky to work with the great artisans, Don Rosendo Delgado and his weavers and Hugo Bernal with his amazing capacity to find the best fabrics and consistent quality to guarantee what we sell.

A few years back in lieu of the strong impact of mass production industry setting lower prices, I declared that Olé would not sell anything that was not from Latin America. This set a clear path so that clients who visit our store recognize and admire our commitment to conserving respect for authenticity.

​G.C. Jeffs

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  • 105 Calle de la Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico